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Release Gogo

“Gogo is my all time favorite character. When I grow up, I wanna be like Gogo. I had also bought myself a cape after watching Andaz Apna Apna.” ChimplySpeaking

Say Cheese

“I am happy all the time.” “What’s the best part about a smile?” ”Your one ear meets the other through your lips. Isn’t it absolutely romantic?” ChimplySpeaking


“If the world was filled with monsters, how do you think it would be?” “I think it would be very cute provided we had monsters like this.” ChimplySpeaking

Old School

“I still prefer handwritten letters over emails and texts. If that is old school, I am proud to be one.” Chimply Speaking!

Dude No. 1

“I am a salsa instructor, I do martial arts and I am pretty cool with my guys friends who I hang out with, so probably that’s why they make me the Dude No. 1.” “Any message for the dudes out there?” “Just be yourself. That’s…


By Fuss “Vintage hues, a bright flash light and cozying up at home in the comfiest garb was the theme I chose for the latest collaboration of FUSS with Chimp. Every collaboration I work on I initially make sure of two things, that the brand in…

Love and other Bugs

By Love and other Bugs “Quirky, out of the box fun are some of the qualities ‘Chimpwear’ is all about! We decided to quirk it up and have some fun with this post, from the photography style to the craziness exuded in each shot. Chimpwear…

The Snob Journal

By The Snob Journal “After completing my high school, I took a break from studies for 3 years and worked in various fields until I finally found my way to fashion. And now I’m studying Fashion Business. Being out of studies and classes for 3…

Little Miss Sinner

By Little Miss Sinner “I still remember few years back, as I pass by the Chimp store eyeing intensely at their quirky products and funny T-Shirts. *Fast Forward* I am very excited as I got an opportunity to collaboration with Chimp. If you don’t know…

Curious Components

By Curious Components “Hiii Guys ! A big hello to all our readers. College had kept me quite busy in the past few days. Quite a lot is happening at the moment …exploring new places, making new friends, bundles of collaborations happening , heaps of…