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By The Snob Journal
“After completing my high school, I took a break from studies for 3 years and worked in various fields until I finally found my way to fashion. And now I’m studying Fashion Business. Being out of studies and classes for 3 years made me forget how hectic it can be. I now realise that when you’ve had just 3-4 hours of sleep, every night for a week, it’s extremely hard to wake up early and spend a while getting dressed and ready for college.

This and the chilly weather has made me switch to more comfortable clothing over the past few weeks. I’ve switched to wearing more t shirts and sweaters to college now, which is very different from the way I’ve dressed for the past 3 years. Since that’s part of my daily style, I thought it only fair to do a post on it too!
Chimpwear has a huge variety of quirky stuff, including t shirts, hoodies, and bottoms. They also have loads of cool stuff with funny graphics. The tote I’ve used in this look is perfect to carry around with my laptop and daily essentials. Their ‘No to Mondays’ notebookreally caught my eye and I just had to get it! I carry it around in my bag because it’s so handy to pen down my ideas for the blog while I’m on the go. Some of their stuff, like the phone case, have witty words in Hindi. No matter where you are in the world, there’s still a part of you that’s ‘desi’, and this channels that perfectly! Also, while going through their collection, this t shirt literally called out to me! I’m pretty sure some of you can relate! And not only is their collection super funky and fun, but the quality and packaging is pretty amazing too.
I kept my make up minimal, and wore a pair of leggings and comfortable shoes to complete the look.”

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