Month: August 2015

Turban Legend

“In the train, a random woman came up to me and said “I have never seen a man wear a turban and pull it off as well as you do”.” Chimply Speaking!

Be Happy

“I find happiness in little things. The smiles on kids’ faces every time I visit an orphanage, a nice meal, a happy surprise, colors, sky lanterns, candy floss, the list goes on…” Chimply Speaking!

Salaami Saab

”What kinds of emotions does food evoke in you?” ”If it’s lasagna, then it’s pretty much love at first bite” Chimply Speaking!

Nana Partykar

“I party so much that I think the word ‘party’ should be replaced by my name in the dictionary. My hangovers last so long that by the time I’m over them, it’s Friday again.” Chimply Speaking!

Aamir Khan is seeking Gogo’s Release :)

21st Aug 2015. It was a super exciting Friday for us at Chimp! Popularly known as the Mr.Perfectionist of Indian Cinema, Aamir Khan was spotted yesterday at a studio in Bandra, Mumbai sporting our favouritest Chimp t-shirt, “Release Gogo”. The tee has an illustration of…

Space Cadet

“Spacing out is probably the only legitimate skill I have. I get out of extremely boring situations and mentally teleport to some place more interesting. I zoned out once during a job interview. The interviewer explained the job profile to me at length and at…


“The British may have invented cricket but I can proudly say that we play it the best. For us, it’s not a sport, it’s religion.” Chimply Speaking!