Month: December 2016

Prashant Miranda

Love for nature and joy through art. Prashant Miranda is our newest artist in the house. To know more about Prashant, head to Follow him on Instagram @prashola               > You already have a style that we think is…

Musings on a Hanger

Varna Jayraj, though an engineer by profession, is a dazzling fashion influencer. Her thoughts, ideas and soul lie in the world of fashion. She is devoted to it in all its forms. Speaking and writing about what she loves is something she always wanted to do and…


Spotted, our Supermaniam Bobblehead in Airtel’s new Internet Ad. Way to go Supermaniam.

Nakuul Mehta in Ballebaaz

Spotted none other than Nakuul Mehta looking stunning in our Ballebaaz Supershirt. The actor is currently playing the role of Shivaay Singh Oberoi in the show Ishqbaaz. We love him as Shivaay, keep stunning Nakuul. And now we are 'Converts'. We ONLY watch #iDontWatchTV ! On a 'youtube'…

Teja Teja

Release Teja already, cause we have Khatera Khan here. Follow her on Instagram @khaterakhan007   Available online here:

Duet with Breshna Khan & Khatera Khan

Here’s another duet from Breshna khan & Khatera khan, this one is our favourite, do have a look. Follow them @breshna_h_khan and @khaterakhan007 Available online here:  

Breakfast at Tiffinys

“My mom is a fantastic cook and she makes the most mouth watering dishes. I really feel she could open a restaurant. I really love everything she makes but, my favourite by far, is her Biryani. It was so good, my friends would come every…