Prashant Miranda

Love for nature and joy through art. Prashant Miranda is our newest artist in the house. To know more about Prashant, head to

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> You already have a style that we think is easy to spot and

recognize. How did you get there?

I didn’t always have a particular style. I think it just evolved over the years with a practice of drawing everyday and keeping a sketchbook. The medium that I use, watercolours, also now lends itself to my style.

> What do you hope to communicate through your art?

Well I hope to communicate a vibrancy and joy for life through my art,
and perhaps a spirituality through it too. And if it can help others
in any way by inspiring people, then I’d like to continue my art in
conjunction with service and meditation too.

> What is the most important aspect, for you, when you create a new
work? What is the one thing you care about the most?

I feel like I’m just a vessel, or a medium through which art flows
through me. So if I can keep the channel open, and let whatever that
needs to be told through me, then that is the most important aspect.

> We love the colours and the depiction of elements of nature you add
to your designs. What inspires you?

Nature inspires me a lot. I have a few recurring themes in my
work……nature, old architecture and the human body. These themes
add tremendously to my work. And of course I love colour!

> Are there times, you are out of ideas or have an artist’s block? How
do you get back on track?

I still continue to practice drawing or painting even when I’m out of
ideas. I feel that the virtue of just keeping a practice going leads
to a body of work and then eventually gets me back on track.

> Tell us about your journey from India to Canada?

I moved to Canada right after studying at NID in 1999. After 4 years
of working in the animation industry in Toronto, I realized that I
needed to pursue my passions as an artist. I also desperately needed
to figure out a way of evading the harsh Canadian winters. So I
started my annual migratory pattern of summers in Canada and winters
in India. It’s been 12 years now since I’ve been doing it, and it’s
always inspiring!

> What’s the place you seek when looking for new inspiration? 

Nature never ceases to inspire me. Being out in nature calms my mind,
and triggers off many amazing ideas for me.

> If you could re-create the world with your art, what would it be like?

Many indigenous cultures do not have a word for art, it’s how you
dress, the way you walk or dance, or how you cook, keep a garden,
decorate your house or body…..all of these things are art. I think
it would be good to remind ourselves of that, that we are all artists.

> Are you a reader or an observer?

I’d say a bit of both. But I’m maybe more of an observer.

> Favourite Book and/or Movie?

Too many to even begin.

> If not a designer, what would your alternative career have been?

I’d perhaps be a farmer or tree planter.

> What was your experience in collaborating with Chimp like?

It was fantastic collaborating with Chimp! I basically put together
motifs from my dreams, nature, children’s stories etc, and then I get
to wear them!! It’s wonderful seeing the reactions of people who see my work on the Super Shirts too!!

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