Month: June 2015

Turban Legend

“Do you think turbans can be a new style statement in India?” ”Absolutely. Look at the Sardars wearing them, they carry it so well.” Chimply Speaking!

Super Samosa

“Once I had a bet with my sister who challenged me to eat five samosas. If I did, she would be my slave for a day. Just to win the bet, I had six of them at one go.” “And then what did you make…


“Tell us about the documentaries you’ve been in?” “I’ve worked in two documentaries. The one really close to my heart is ‘Hum Honge Kaamyaab’, a documentary on the freedom struggle. I played the role of Shahid Bhagat Singh and it actually brought out feelings of…


“What is the most fascinating thing about Indians?” “The fact that they can talk hours and hours about absolutely anything and everything. ” “What do you think are Indians best at?” “I guess they are best at making people feel at home.” Chimply Speaking!


“I’d like to be a space pirate instead of a regular sea pirate. And I would like to hijack spaceships and go to different planets and stuff.” Chimply Speaking!

Nana Partykar

“Are you a party animal?” “I am not really a party animal but I think when I am in a party I am the life of the party.” Chimply Speaking!

Who’s your Papaji

“What do you love the most about being a Punjabi?” “I get to be crazy and it is acceptable because I am a Punjabi.” Chimply Speaking!


“Why do you think people call you a smartass?” “I can get my work done without lifting a finger all the time and it always works in my favor.” Chimply Speaking!

Rex Drugs & Rock n Roll

“Do you find dinosaurs fascinating?” ”Yeah. Ever since I was a kid I had a VCR player and I used to play Jurassic park on it all the time.” “Your hairstyle is very interesting. Does it have anything to do with the genre of music…

What Would Rajni Do

“What do you do when you think you’re in doubt?” “When I’m in doubt there are two ways to follow. One is my heart and one is my mind. I always end up following my heart.” Chimply Speaking!