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Prashant Miranda

Love for nature and joy through art. Prashant Miranda is our newest artist in the house. To know more about Prashant, head to http://www.prashart.blogspot.com Follow him on Instagram @prashola               > You already have a style that we think is…

Hema.N : Our brand new designer for 2016!

Super Talented, Super Sweet and Super Sketcher Hema Nazareth is the newest designer in the house. Vibrant and spontaneous, her love for food, and her incredible sense of humour reflects in everything she doodles. We managed to catch her for a little gup-shup right before…

Bengali Tiger

“Some Bengalis stereotypes are so true ~ We love discussing politics; everyone is an expert. We’re amazing lovers and romance is always in the air. Bengali wives are way smarter than their husbands. We love fish and mishti. Enough said.” Chimply Speaking! Available online here: http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw


“My camera and my moustache are the two most dope things I own. They define me and I’m nothing without them.” Chimply Speaking!  Available online here: http://bit.ly/2NaEl5V

Say Cheese

“Winning people’s hearts is a far more important than winning a competition. So, the happiest moment was when I was awarded the ‘Girl of the Show’ at Miss Navi Mumbai 2015.  It was an amazing feeling. It still makes me smile when I think about…

The Umpire Strikes Back

“One of my most memorable cricket moments was when Sachin Tendulkar retired. I stared at the screen with tears in my eyes and I am sure every Indian must have done the same. Sachin is our God and cricket our religion.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

Bai Cycle

“My request to my Bai always was to not switch off the fan to sweep the floor while I was still sleeping. She never listened.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

Mumbai Open 24 Hours

“If I had an option to change one thing about Mumbai, it would definitely be the expensive accommodation. People are right when they say it’s easier to find God than a flat in Mumbai and no one understands that better than bachelors like us.” Chimply…