Breakfast at Tiffinys

“My mom is a fantastic cook and she makes the most mouth watering dishes. I really feel she could open a restaurant.
I really love everything she makes but, my favourite by far, is her Biryani. It was so good, my friends would come every weekend just to have it.
I’ve been away from home for three years now. I Facetime with Mom whenever I feel like cooking. She guides me through the whole process. Maa ke haath ke khane ki baat hi alag hai.
Though I try really hard, I feel, I don’t really cook up to her level.
I have fond memories of my ‘dabba’ going back to my school days. Piping hot aloo parathas wrapped in aluminium foil, yummy mango pickle and the kuchumber salad.
I miss that so much, it really makes me nostalgic.”
Chimply speaking!