Aamir Khan is seeking Gogo’s Release :)

21st Aug 2015.

It was a super exciting Friday for us at Chimp!
Popularly known as the Mr.Perfectionist of Indian Cinema, Aamir Khan was spotted yesterday at a studio in Bandra, Mumbai sporting our favouritest Chimp t-shirt, “Release Gogo”. The tee has an illustration of Crime Master Gogo and at the bottom it reads “In jail since 1994 for crimes against Paplu Taplu.” For those who haven’t seen the film, Aamir play Amar, one of the main protagonists of the film.


The inspiration behind the tee was the cult movie Andaz Apna Apna with a plea to Release Gogo, our dearest villain, arrested by the cops at the end of the film. The movie was released more than 20 years ago and the characters have become iconic alongwith the dialogues from the movie.

Earlier in June, we’d spotted The Crime Master Shakti Kapoor himself sporting this t-shirt along with a Release Gogo mug that was gifted to him by his daughter Shraddha Kapoor.

Later we found him dub-smashing his popular dialogue from the film wearing our t-shirt.


Do you want the nation’s favourite Crime Master to be released? Comment below to let us know.

Also, can you keep a secret?
We are coming up with another Andaz Apna Apna tee very, very soon.

All we need now is a sequel to Andaz Apna Apna so that we can celebrate the release of the Crime Master.

To get the Release Gogo t-shirt, just go to http://bit.ly/2lEMHq1

Until then, keep Chimping 🙂