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Chal Hawa Ane De

“I had a friend once who was always broke. He’d follow me everywhere, when I went to eat, to shop or for a movie. But, he’d never ever pay, ever. I ended up paying for him all the time. I was really sick of it.…


” I currently work with a PR firm. Would I describe myself as hard working? Hahaha…you sound like my boss. Well, I feel I wasn’t made for a 9 to 5 job. I need to figure out what works for me and head towards it.…

Mukkta K

Whites with a pop of color, Ocean blues and comfortable easy, breezy beach clothing is the theme for my Summer Collaboration with Chimp. Soft and comfortable fabric that caresses my skin and makes it breath while following the hottest fashion trends was my Summer clothing…

The Break up with Supermaniam

We all know the stand up comedian an YouTube sensation Kanan Gill. Our ‘Supermanian’ t-shirt was spotted in one of Kanan Gill’s episodes of ‘How Insensitive’. You should totally watch it. It’s super funny and we’re pretty sure you’ll relate to it. To watch the…

Prisma craze with Pratichee Mohapatra

Former girl band ‘Viva’ singer Pratichee Mohapatra in our legendary ‘Release Gogo’ t-shirt. Both are real works of art. What say? https://www.instagram.com/p/BIeTJyMh857/?taken-by=praticheemohapatra Available online here: http://bit.ly/2lEMHq1

2 Cool for School

“Three of my coolest possessions : my vintage camera, shells from my diving trip to the Andamans and my dad’s wedding kurta that surprisingly, fits me.” Chimply Speaking! Available online here: http://bit.ly/2NaEl5V

Bar and Peace

“My favourite drink is whiskey. It’s a masculine choice but is definitely not out of bounds for us ladies. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, ‘Whiskey is liquid sunshine’.” Chimply Speaking! Available online here: http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

Bengali Tiger

“Some Bengalis stereotypes are so true ~ We love discussing politics; everyone is an expert. We’re amazing lovers and romance is always in the air. Bengali wives are way smarter than their husbands. We love fish and mishti. Enough said.” Chimply Speaking! Available online here: http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw