Little Miss Sinner

By Little Miss Sinner

“I still remember few years back, as I pass by the Chimp store eyeing intensely at their quirky products and funny T-Shirts. *Fast Forward* I am very excited as I got an opportunity to collaboration with Chimp. If you don’t know about “Chimp” it is a 100% Dil se desi brand for clothing and merchandises. From eccentric Tees to unconventional phone covers their style is colorful and vibrant. What makes their products even better is that they use organically grown cotton.

My style is evolving every day. How people have mood swings I am having fashion swings. Someday I am feeling like a thug so I pop on my beanie and baggy jeans there are days when I am feeling bohemian so I wear my Flowy maxi dress and add flowers in my hair. Some people are minimalistic some are edgy. Till date I couldn’t figure out what my personal style is and to tell you the truth I am okay with that. When I got the chance to create and outfit for chimp I know I was going full on Desi. Something like Geet From “Jab We Met”. When I saw this Paji with headphones I just couldn’t resist and I knew from that very moment that he’s going to be the star of this post. I paired the Turban Legend Tee with Posh Pants. These pants are the latest addition in their collection and I kid you not they are so comfy I can live in them.

I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I did shooting for it.”