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By Curious Components

“Hiii Guys !
A big hello to all our readers. College had kept me quite busy in the past few days. Quite a lot is happening at the moment …exploring new places, making new friends, bundles of collaborations happening , heaps of work pending, waking up early in the morning (just hate it, I’m not at all a morning person, I have a long lasting affair with my bed) always late for classes, call thanks to the snooze button (had to blame somebody :P)sourcing for props for assignments and my list never ends.
But no matter how many lists pile up, I know my top most priorities and hobbies too, thus i never fail to blog. So here I am today in London doing a blog post featuring Chimpwear.
Chimp speaks for being fun, quirky, out of the box and most important being an Indian. Trust me when i got hand on their amazing products i couldn’t go for any but the desi lingual set of tees. They are amazingly desi incorporated with quirky graphic elements.
In London currently everybody’s dress code is black, every single person you see here is wearing black and being from India with such colourful tees is hand I decided to step out and do an outdoor shoot and break the black monotony. Generally these days here are gloomy and dark but to our surprise the day was bright and sunny which complimented my colourful attire completely. Yay !
Chimpwear is a multi product brand which started out with producing super funky tees and then kept adding funky clothings to cool mob cover’s to fancy notebooks,aprons and what not ! They have got it all under one roof. Their modish designs are their USP.Its not only the fun elements that will make you drool over but also the super soft quality of their single jersey cotton tees,believe me I being from a knitwear design background could assure you that the fabric quality is of superior range.”

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