By Fuss
“Vintage hues, a bright flash light and cozying up at home in the comfiest garb was the theme I chose for the latest collaboration of FUSS with Chimp. Every collaboration I work on I initially make sure of two things, that the brand in question has products which I truly love and that the creative of the shoot embodies the aesthetics of the brand and of FUSS. Chimp retails the cutest assortment of part evil-part cutesy products on their website. I instantly fell in love with this adorable evil heart tee and these heart-wrenchingly cute boxer shorts. They are the perfect kind of clothes that I typically wear at home.

Since I work on FUSS full time, a majority of my time is spent in front of my computer replying to emails, editing images and planning looks and stories for new collaborations. Even though I have heard people say that dressing like you are going out, helps freelancers who work better from home and to be more focused at their job; I can’t wear anything but my oldest cotton clothes softened due to multiple washes, at home. This, to me is true luxury. Keeping this in mind, Chimp has the coziest collection of simple cotton tees with catchy graphics. The ‘Say Cheese’ apron by the label instantly caught my eye and I am finding it difficult to let it go after the shoot is over. It is the ideal apron I have always been looking for with giant pockets and a ‘cheesy’ catch-phrase. They also have a product line of assorted stationary and homewear. I chose to feature their little ‘Bar & Peace’ notebook to portray this aspect of the brand.

To keep up with all the quirkiness, I planned to do a minimal shoot at home with a couple of odd props under a harsh flash light. I have wanted to experiment with flash photography for the longest time, and working with Jane allowed me to explore the possibilities with it. I must say, I am a bit addicted and can’t wait to see what else can be achieved with this style.”

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