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What Wear When

By What Wear When “Over the past week, I came across Chimp, a brand that creates fun designs and even more fun merchandises like T-shirts, mugs, little cute notebooks and even bags. I browsed through the entire collection at least five times before picking out…

Purushu Arie

By Purushu Arie “College life is when most young adults experiment with their new found personal freedom and autonomy to rediscover their persona. It is also the time when most teenagers jazz up their wardrobe with cool and funky stuff and develop a personal style.…

What Wear How

By What Wear How “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Work becomes fun when we are happy and we can be happy if we have a daily dose of humor because good humor is a tonic for mind…

Cat Eyes

“The best part about Coco, my cat, is the innocence in his eyes. One look and you feel your heart melting.” Chimply Speaking!

Kutta Pyjama

“My dog, Torgy, once went barking to the terrace and came back crying to me. Later I found out that he was slapped by a monkey.” “Do you miss him?” “Oh, more than anything else in the world.” Chimply Speaking!

Last Man Partying

“I am totally proud of the fact that I can remember whatever shit that has happened in a party, the following day. Makes no sense if you are drunk and sloshed at the beginning itself. I don’t drop till the music stops.” Chimply Speaking!

Mumbai Open 24 hours

“I think, the thing I love the most about Mumbai is the cosmopolitan temperament of the city that instantly makes you feel one among them; like you belong here. And not to forget, that in Mumbai you’ll never be hungry enough to starve at any…

Semi in formal look :)

A meeting with clients. An impromptu weekday lunch. The last day before the weekend. These are the times when our semi-formal look comes to rescue. Not too dressy, yet not casual, this quintessential look cannot go wrong. We’ve selected Chimp’s ‘Elepants‘ tee to style this…