What Wear How

By What Wear How
“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. Work becomes fun when we are happy and we can be happy if we have a daily dose of humor because good humor is a tonic for mind body and soul.

Fun and quirk, Colourful and playful, neat and junky, sober and messy, crazy and cute we choose any combinations that suit our moods, but mainly our key to a happy being is having fun. You guys know how we two are, giggling and laughing away all the time. Sometimes we burst out laughing for no reason at all and have to leave the room to regain composure.

Today we shot some stuff with one such brand that is as vibrant and humorous, just a synonym to our style. Sure you guys must have heard about them, its one of our favorites for stationery. We had never used their T-shirts on ourselves but when they sent us their stuff we were totally bowled over by the quality of the cotton fabric. And thank God! its a kinda boon to this weather! Uff!

See what fun we had at the shoot.

Urmi is in a casual out of the bed mode with the cute hearty boxers and the quirky tee from chimp. She layered her outfit with an oversized shirt dress from her wardrobe. Hemal styles her tee with a maxi dress. Knotting up such tees moulds into a complete different look altogether.”


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urmi 1