“Honestly, I never thought I’d be a musician if it hadn’t been for that one day in college.
It was my first project of the semester and it was a group project. My friends and I were looking for a quiet place in college to discuss the project.
We came across this very odd room we had never seen before. It was full of old musical instruments which were kind of classy but, also rusty.
There was this guitar which looked a hundred years old but, had it’s string intact. The moment I saw it, I picked it up and played a few strings.
I couldn’t believe that I could do it so easily. I’d seen some guitar learning videos when I was really young and was amazed that my memory of it was so intact.
The moment I placed my hand on the guitar I knew that this is what I was missing in my life.
There’s been no looking back since”.
Chimply Speaking!