Billie Jean

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I live and breathe the city and the same is reflected on my Instagram page. The friendly people at Chimp approached me with a brilliant collaboration idea where I got to choose an array of products from their vivid, quirky line and blend it with my love for all things Mumbai!

What better than the Fort area to showcase Mumbai!

So, armed with their chic products, I explored the streets… from the Ballad Pier, a European-style business borough and a haven for architecture lovers to the Asiatic Society, a pristine and enchanting heritage library.

Chimp’s ‘Mumbai: Open 24 Hours’ against the backdrop of a BEST bus was a perfect representation of the pace at which Mumbaikars operate!

Party Singh, the famous bobble head had the time of his life overlooking Marine Drive and the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Just like the brand, the day was vibrant, fun and eventful!!

– Love Tulika.

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