The Posh Pant Collaboration!

Amongst the great philosophers discussing the state of the mortal condition & higher consciousness, the dilemma over the best yoga pants was not likely a point of conversation.

However, as any yogi knows, this is a serious matter requiring trial, error, trial and elation.

And in case you haven’t noticed, yoga pants are here to stay – and the leisurewear trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Yoga pants have become a wardrobe staple, warranting some serious street cred.

Chimp’s Posh Pant is essentially this unique bottom wear collection of breathable and flexible pants that serve as the choice for yoga, dance and travel too.

A few Yoginis decided to try out our Posh Pants, and this is what they had to say:

Lamya Arsiwala :

“Forests contain a deep silence so engulfing; you can literally hear every little movement! I’m wearing one of my favorite, super comfy Chimpwear pants from their posh pants collection ~ even though it was chilly the pants were thick enough to keep me warm, their textured fabric made it easy for me to dust off mud I gathered from practicing without a mat.”

Pooja Gandhi:

“Yoga can be done anywhere in any outfit. Thank you Chimpwear for sending these beautiful Posh Pants. They are super comfortable, breathable and stretches enough to take your leg as high as you want. Must have for all yoginis and dancers. They have beautiful and bright colors to choose from.”

Garima Sodhi:

“Worked out in this easy breezy, comfy and fun pair of yoga pants from posh pants collection of Chimpwear. It’s a great change from my regular yoga pants and I can use them casually too. Check out other amazing colors in their collection and give it a try.”

Roxann D’souza:

“Feeling super bendy in Chimpwear Posh pants . Just look at how these pants can stretch to no limits; our bodies can do the same!”

Sushma Sooda:

“These pants are perfect blend of trend & comfy!
One of my favs. They’re cool, breathable and colorful yet stylish with a cute lil pocket. It helps me portray who I’m! In love with them and thank you for sending it across.”

Preeti Acharya:

“Fabric that is very friendly to skin, design that gives freedom of movement and totally a style statement when wore casually. These posh pant from Chimp are my absolute favorite on and off the mat.”

Grab yours now: