FOUND! Your Perfect Wanderlust Outfit – Traveler Pants!

Everyone loves to travel and everyone wants to be comfortable when travelling.

In the past, if we wanted pants made from high performance fabrics, we’d usually end up being stuck with the most unfashionable outdoorsy hiking pants that were plagued with unflattering cuts, weird pockets and boring colors.

Luckily, we’ve all transitioned from that phase into the wonderful world of new age pants that have banished all these issues for good.

Every traveler puts their pants on in the same way – one leg at a time. The only difference is that some of us just wear better travel pants than the rest. And that’s really a bigger deal than you think.

When you travel with a carry-on bag, one can pack  a maximum of a pant or two. Short work trips and weekend getaways are even more spartan. It pays to invest in quality travel pants that perform well in a variety of situations. From airport security and 14 hour long car rides, to hiking treks and happy hour mixers – travelers these days expect utmost comfort, durability and style from their bottom wear in one single package.

Chimp’s traveler pants are everything you’ve been looking for. The soft, wide elasticated waist are designed to be comfortable around the waist through the day. The grippy leg bottoms mean that you can vary the length you want, from completely long to a slightly more bunched, trendy look. They’re also made from SUPIMA®, the world’s best cotton and so you’re enveloped in the softest and most luxurious fabric on the planet. You’re completely spoiled for choice with eight amazing colours to choose from as well. These really are the pants to get.

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