New Work Space feat. Chimp!

Zameer Basrai, The BusRide:

“We recently completed a tiny 800 sq ft office for the awesome Chimp! Chimp is young, free, irreverent, direct, excessively happy, multi-coloured, and engineered for comfort. The Chimp office is somewhat all this, we think.



We realized that the space needed just one structuring (or as it turns out, unstructuring) element. By placing enough pipes randomly into a space we could create all the ambiance required for a simple office fit out.


These pipes are received by an effortless grid of bulbs on the ceiling. All other elements of this office space have been stripped down to basics.




It is purposefully haphazard, orientation-less, hierarchy-less, brightly coloured. We’ve also hit an all time high with the lowest office budget ever. What we’ve realized is that if you place enough poles inside a space, everything else can be stripped down to basics.”




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