A Pantastic Experience!

We like to express our lifestyle through the choices of clothes we wear. It’s not always easy to choose the right outfit, pair it with the right kind of t-shirt and know how the fit works for us.
They say, trends may bottom. We say, bottoms on men must always trend! With that little declaration, let’s get down to the part where we can talk about ways to get out of such a tight spot and find some styles that help you pull it off.
With Chimp’s Lino Pants for men, it’s no longer rocket science to pick the right outfit. They work perfectly with t-shirts, polos, office shirts or even bandh galas.
They are designed in the most dapper pattern to create a subtle look. A pair of these can amp up your usual dressing style for casual ensembles.

Be it a work day or a coffee date, we’ve got you covered.


Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.



Young, almost broke, attending college and slaying the look.



Why walk when you can fly?



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