New Artist in the House- Alicia Souza

Pencils, dogs and food form Alicia’s perfect world.

Introducing Alicia Souza, our awesome new designer at Chimp.

Born and brought up in the Middle East, Alicia has been in Bangalore for the last five years post her University stint in Melbourne. She calls herself a nonsensical musing illustrator and doodles everything from her rants, thoughts, inspirations through to her adorable dogs.

We had an interesting chat with her and here’s what she had to say in her usual cheerful way.

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> Tell us a little about your journey from the Middle East to India.

Well, if I walked it, it would be terribly long. Haha. Sorry, that was an awful joke.

I was born and brought up in the Middle East, after which I did my University and little work for five years in Melbourne and then moved to lovely-weathered Bangalore, where I have been for the past five years now! It’s been rocky and rumbly and very riveting.


> How did you decide that doodling and illustrations is what you want to do?

In my final year of graduation, I realised that, it was how I liked to do most of my design projects and then when I got my first illustration contract job. I absolutely fell in love with it and wanted to do it ever since.


> How would you like to describe your art? How do you manage to stand out from others?

Well, I think it’s just an extension of me really. So I like to think of it as being as different from other drawings as I am from other people. Sometimes it doesn’t stand out and sometimes it does.


> What keeps your creativity flowing?

Experiences, visuals, thoughts and stories from everything, everyone, everywhere! Nothing is a boundary!

> If you had to move to another place, what would be the (first) three things you would definitely take along?

Charlie, my computer and my appetite.

> Tell us a bit about your adorable dogs.

Charles-Brown Whimperbug Souza, aka Charlie was the first dog I ever had, and is also the most ‘believes-he’s-human’ dog I’ve ever met. Lola-Bear Schnitzel Souza is the sweetest, most atheletic dog, and the second dog I adopted but now lives with her companion Lana-Brown, who is the naughtiest dog I’ve ever met to date. She’d nibble on your hair if you don’t watch closely, while Lola-b distracts you by being adorable. I’m waiting for the day when I get over the cuteness that these furries exude. They are all the loves of my life and my biggest muses.

> What would you be in life if not a graphic designer?

Realistically, I would have been different things if I made different choices in life so far. If I was getting out of school and didn’t pick design, I would have picked accounts and probably been an accountant. If I was in Melbourne and didn’t pick coming back, I would’ve probably been a Financial planner. If I didn’t start freelancing as an illustrator here, I probably would have worked as…well, I’m not sure! I would like to think something super interesting!

> Give us a typical Alicia-fied message to all the aspiring doodlers out there.

Eat breakfast and draw a lot.

> Did you enjoy working with Chimp?

Sooo much and I’m so excited to work together more in the future!


Here are few of her awesome prints :
alicia's artwork

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