It’s time to replace your worn out sweatpants NOW!

Love them or hate them, joggers have truly set themselves up as a staple in menswear and show no signs of disappearing. With Athleisure on the rise, jeans and chinos have intense competition. Joggers have become the new must have wardrobe piece for gents and they’re dominating the street style scene. No longer for just the sports inclined, these comfortable pants have now become the new wardrobe essential.

For those who don’t already know, joggers are comfortable at the waist and slim on the legs bottoms made with stretchy material and with typically, elasticated waists and ankles. Otherwise known as sweatpants, they were originally created for sport but have now become an all day wear style statement.

Today, they can be styled in countless ways. While they certainly don’t fall into the category of formal wear, joggers can be styled to suit different occasions. Casual is, of course the natural way to wear joggers. This can be achieved by pairing them with other casual items such as Tees or Hoodies.

Some people really struggle to dress up a pair of joggers – but, believe us, it is simple. Pair our Eric Joggers with a simple Supima® Pocket Tee for an effortlessly casual ensemble. Wear invisible socks and complete the look with a pair of white sneakers. Even though you’ve replaced the trousers with joggers, the rest of the elements balance out for a perfect look.

Regardless of the divided opinion about adding joggers to a weekly wardrobe, they are definitely here to stay. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, wear ‘em. Don’t be afraid to experiment  with different styles for men’s joggers, materials, colors and fits. Check out our extensive range of joggers and find the perfect colour for yourself.

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