Find your inner MOJO!

Somewhere within us, we yearn for our souls to be free. While it is hard to be in this state of mind, we sincerely believe that how we dress helps us get there. We’ve designed our Mojo Pants to help you imbibe a feeling of pure and free spirited style.

Made from a wonderful Cotton Muslin woven fabric with an earthy texture, these pants are super comfy and breathable. They have a drawstring closure in the front and pockets both front and back.

Dhotis, have long been a traditional men’s bottom wear in India,has been our inspiration. Dhotis, fashioned from an unstitched piece of cloth, generally cover your bottom half and are wrapped around the waist and legs and knotted at the navel. They have evolved tremendously over time. Now they have been refashioned with ready to wear pants that resemblance the original closely but are easier to wear and far more secure.

Mojo pants are our contribution to the unending versions of the original Dhoti.

You spread your cool vibes and easygoing style when you wear these pants on that perfect sunny Sunday when you step out to grab a cup of java at your neighbourhood café.

Pair these with a plain t-shirt and you’re sure of making some jaws drop at any café you walk in for a cup of coffee. They sure can make them heads turn.

We have 12 awesome colours for you to choose from. So, really, what are you waiting for? Exit your Instagram feed now and click ‘Add to Cart’ at and get yourself these brilliant pants right now!

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