“As a kid, I was always afraid of the dark and clearly not a fan of nights. When I was backpacking across Himachal some years ago,  I was stranded at a bus stand somewhere near Manikaran. I’d missed the last bus.

The cottage where  I was supposed to stay was five kilometres away. After weighing my options, I decided to walk the stretch. It was extremely cold and absolutely deserted apart from the occasional car passing by. When I started walking,  I was really scared and had to use my phone’s flashlight to find the way.

I could feel somebody following me though there was no one around which freaked me out.

As I hurried along,  I gazed up at the sky. The sky was full of stars and it was a full moon night. I was surprised how the environment which felt like a death trap a moment ago, after one glance at the night sky,  no longer felt so and I was totally calm. I never made it to the cottage finally and spent the entire night outside experiencing the sublime beauty of the night sky.

That night, I realised I too can be a lone wolf. ”

Chimply Speaking!