The Story Of A Ballerina- TheLitFitDot

Regular job or chasing your passion? What would you choose?

Anamika Lalwani, also fondly called “TheLitFitDot” gets to do both! She is a graceful, professional ballerina AND a dance instructor who is trained not just in ballet, but in other dance forms such as Jazz, House, Latin and Flamenco.

Dance has been at the center of Anamika’s life since she was 5, and performed on stage for the very first time. And so to have a career in something she is so passionate about makes her very grateful.

Though Anamika started learning Contemporary, Jazz and Bollywood dance when she was just a little girl, it was the introduction of ballet when she was 12, that changed everything for her.

“Ballet is a dance form which lets me express myself freely and completely!”

Though one has to master the technical and traditional movements in classical dance, it sets the base for every other dance movement and then allows you to experiment and innovate.

Working on the technique is important, says Anamika, but she never forgets that it is first and foremost a dance of beauty and grace…. Something she keeps reminding her students and herself every time she takes to the dance floor!

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