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Bai Cycle

“My request to my Bai always was to not switch off the fan to sweep the floor while I was still sleeping. She never listened.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

Mumbai Open 24 Hours

“If I had an option to change one thing about Mumbai, it would definitely be the expensive accommodation. People are right when they say it’s easier to find God than a flat in Mumbai and no one understands that better than bachelors like us.” Chimply…


“My documentary ‘The Plight of Migrants in Mumbai’ was about the miseries faced by balloon-wallahs everyday. It’s very close to my heart and it really help me understand the value of money and hard work.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

Self Study

“I’ve tried to study my mood swings. They keep fluctuating from ice-cream to hot chocolate.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw


“Shopping is the only exercise that keeps you fit and happy. There is so much walking involved. I even run when there is a sale on!” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw


“Pirates are super cool. They get to wear the same clothes everyday. I wish I was a pirate too.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

New Artist in the House- Alicia Souza

Pencils, dogs and food form Alicia’s perfect world. Introducing Alicia Souza, our awesome new designer at Chimp. Born and brought up in the Middle East, Alicia has been in Bangalore for the last five years post her University stint in Melbourne. She calls herself a…

Turban Legend

“In the train, a random woman came up to me and said “I have never seen a man wear a turban and pull it off as well as you do”.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

Be Happy

“I find happiness in little things. The smiles on kids’ faces every time I visit an orphanage, a nice meal, a happy surprise, colors, sky lanterns, candy floss, the list goes on…” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw