Stretch Super Shorts ;)

As global warming makes the world hotter, it is only evolutionary that humanity starts to wear less and less, whether it is to work or to party. Genetic scientists say (or at least they should) that the shorter your shorts, the cooler you will be 🙂 And isn’t it ironic, the shorter your shorts, the hotter you look.

What better way to counter global warming than to wear shorts? After all, we would be using less material to clothe more people. And if that’s not environmentally conscious, I don’t know what is.

Wearing shorts is also medically advised. How else to maximise our vitamin absorbing capacity than to expose our long legs to nature? Shorts give access to our daily dose of vitamin D. After all, a pair of shorts a day keeps the doctor away.

If you think about it, wearing shorts is actually quite patriotic. Because shorts are nothing but folded up dhotis or hiked up saris. And by wearing shorts, aren’t we are keeping with Indian traditions?

Shorts are always a good idea at school or at work. In this blistering heat, wearing stuffy uniforms can prevent people from actually doing any their work. In this weather, ventilation is a must have. Wearing shorts lets us concentrate on our work, even if we are distracting someone else.

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