5 ways to enjoy the monsoons!

After the searing summer months comes the beautiful monsoon! It is a respite from the extremely torrid weather and helps you cool down from the stress that summer brings. Sleep cycles change, one feels like calling in sick at work just to have a hot cup of chai/coffee and spend the day watching movies or just stay indoors because the weather is so pleasant. YEP! That’s monsoon for you 😉


The perfect weather to eat some bhajiyas and sip a hot cup of masala chai. There is always a 50-50 reaction to this season- some love it and some completely despise it.

Here we’ve listed five simple ways of enjoying these precious few months 🙂

1. A long drive!

Pack your bags and go on an adventure! Take your friends or family and an amazing playlist of the best monsoon songs you can find and hit the road. We bet this is one trip you will never regret. Enjoy the serenity that this beautiful season brings you.

2. Stay Indoors

If you’re a homebody and love to stay indoors while there’s thunder outside then you ought to do just that. The best way to enjoy the monsoon whilst staying at home is to binge watch your favourite shows. Netflix and chill <3

3. Go for a hike!

Hiking and trekking are one of the best ways to enjoy the monsoons. The view from that special vantage point is killer plus, you get to meet people who love being adventurous as much as you do. Note: Make sure you carry a waterproof zip-pouch to keep your phone safe from the rains.

4. Let your creativity shine

Are you a writer, a reader, a photographer or a dreamer? Take out that book you always wanted to read but never had the time. Read and immerse yourself in it. Write down your goals and make sure you complete them. Take pictures of your loved ones. Cook food. Lend a helping hand. Do something that you don’t do on a normal day.

5. Get drenched

Even if you’re not a fan of getting drenched, do it at least once. It’s exhilarating. Really get the feel of the season, close your eyes and take it all in. Don’t worry about getting your clothes wet, just enjoy and live in the moment.