Month: November 2016

Billie Jean

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I live and breathe the city and the same is reflected on my Instagram page. The friendly people at Chimp approached me with a brilliant collaboration idea where I got to choose an array of products from their vivid,…

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

We have Khatera Khan, grooving to her all time favourite song. This should make your day : )   You can follow her fantastic work on her Instagram account @khaterakhan007 Available online here:

Travel Bug

“My funnest vacation was a nerve wrecking, exhausting but, unexpectedly, magical trek. I was with my sisters who are also trek freaks. We try and do one together once a year. It was the end of May and we were in Himachal. We climbed a…

Twerk Out

“I’ve been dancing like, since forever. I feel, there’s a dancer in everybody. While learning Kathak, I practiced all the time, even while walking on the road. I guess I performed unknowingly as a friend put up a video on Snapchat. When dancing, I feel…

‘Prem Chopra Naam Hai Mera’

Our all time favourite villain who needs no introduction, posing with our Villains Supershirt. We were super lucky to have been able to gift this to him. See if you can spot him on the print. Available online here:

Dubsmash with Breshna Khan!

Super crazy and super awesome Breshna khan dubsmashing wearing our ‘Maharaja’ shirt. This is super cool. See more of her work @breshna_h_khan on Instagram. Available online here:  


“I was brought up in Spain where we get a lot of sun and have fantastic beaches. I’ve always loved doing Yoga early in the morning as it really energizes me. I once competed with a friend and did 25 surya namaskars non stop. It…