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Twerk Out

“I’ve been dancing like, since forever. I feel, there’s a dancer in everybody. While learning Kathak, I practiced all the time, even while walking on the road. I guess I performed unknowingly as a friend put up a video on Snapchat. When dancing, I feel…

‘Prem Chopra Naam Hai Mera’

Our all time favourite villain who needs no introduction, posing with our Villains Supershirt. We were super lucky to have been able to gift this to him. See if you can spot him on the print. Available online here: http://bit.ly/2lEMHq1

Some Bunny gonna get Hurt Real Bad

“Once a year, three of my best mates and I lock ourselves in a room and have a fight. Like a real fight. Until we’re all completely beat up. It’s a cleansing process for our friendship…until the next year that is.” Chimply Speaking! Available online…


“As a kid, I remember, my dad imitated Mogambo all the time saying ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’. I’m proud to be a 90’s kid growing up with all these iconic villains of Indian Cinema. All hail Mogambo & Gogo.” Chimply Speaking! Available online here: http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

James Bong

“I remember the times when we started learning Bengali in school. We used to misspell words which would entirely change the meaning of the sentence. A friend of mine wrote ‘gorbho’ instead of ‘gorbo’ several times while writing a composition. ‘Gorbo’ means pride whereas ‘Gorbho’…


“My camera and my moustache are the two most dope things I own. They define me and I’m nothing without them.” Chimply Speaking!  Available online here: http://bit.ly/2NaEl5V