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Bengali Tiger

“Some Bengalis stereotypes are so true ~ We love discussing politics; everyone is an expert. We’re amazing lovers and romance is always in the air. Bengali wives are way smarter than their husbands. We love fish and mishti. Enough said.” Chimply Speaking! Available online here: http://bit.ly/2KsoVbw

James Bong

“I remember the times when we started learning Bengali in school. We used to misspell words which would entirely change the meaning of the sentence. A friend of mine wrote ‘gorbho’ instead of ‘gorbo’ several times while writing a composition. ‘Gorbo’ means pride whereas ‘Gorbho’…

James Bong

“Bongs are overtly intellectual and they love fish over beer” “What do you think is the coolest thing about them?” “They don’t just survive, they know how to live.” Chimply Speaking! http://bit.ly/2NaEl5V