Month: July 2015

Peace Oye

“Apart from my regular job, over the weekends I run this organization called Candle Project where we educate slum kids in English, Computers and Arts. I’ve been doing this every Sunday for more than two years now. I think I get my share of peace…

Goan at Heart

“I think Goa is the ideal place to party and the most laid-back place to be in.” “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Goa?” “Beer. At extraordinarily cheap prices.” Chimply Speaking!

Senti Claus

“Do you believe in Santa-Claus?” “Yes I do, in my own way.” “What do plan on asking Santa for Christmas this year?” “To give people a better sense of humour.” Chimply Speaking!

Best Friends Forever

“Once I had dropped Hercules off at a friend’s place and had gone for a meeting. He managed to escape out of my friend’s house and we couldn’t find him for 10 days. We put up a gazillion posters and ads in newspapers. Finally someone…