Month: August 2015

Superest Girl

“What makes you the Superest Girl?” “Well, I’m a jedi, pranic healing instructor, ex- model, marketing consultant & arhatic yoga practitioner. Also, I have the ability to consume large amounts of chocolates without getting sick. That pretty much makes me the Superest Girl.” Chimply Speaking!…

Self Study

“Do you usually judge people or are you more of a self-enhancement person?” “There’s a saying that what someone else does is their Karma but how you react to it is your Karma. So, I prefer forming good Karmas by studying myself.” Chimply Speaking!


“What do you think Indians are best at?” “We are the best at bargaining for everything, right from street shopping to someone’s feelings. We are the kings at bargaining.” Chimply Speaking!

Teja Main Hoon

“I miss the genuine comedy of old time cinema. I would love to get a tattoo like Teja from Andaz Apna Apna because I believe in dictatorship.” Chimply Speaking!