Month: March 2015

Last Man Partying

“I am totally proud of the fact that I can remember whatever shit that has happened in a party, the following day. Makes no sense if you are drunk and sloshed at the beginning itself. I don’t drop till the music stops.” Chimply Speaking!

Mumbai Open 24 hours

“I think, the thing I love the most about Mumbai is the cosmopolitan temperament of the city that instantly makes you feel one among them; like you belong here. And not to forget, that in Mumbai you’ll never be hungry enough to starve at any…

Semi in formal look :)

A meeting with clients. An impromptu weekday lunch. The last day before the weekend. These are the times when our semi-formal look comes to rescue. Not too dressy, yet not casual, this quintessential look cannot go wrong. We’ve selected Chimp’s ‘Elepants‘ tee to style this…